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For years, GM Oriental has been the best Blockboard supplier in Malaysia with over thousands of satisfied clients each day. GM oriental aims to provide you with a durable and excellent quality of Blockboard for your commercial and personal needs. 

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Years of Expertise in the Field

GM oriental has been operating in the engineered wood-industry for several years now, and our expertise and experience has made us the most excellent block board supplier in Malaysia. Furthermore, we offer other several kinds of eco-friendly wood materials that have helped build homes and furniture for our valued customers.

We Value Our Customers

We at GM oriental believe in establishing an excellent business relationship with our customers. Due to this, it has prompted us to produce durable and high-quality products. Each passing year, our satisfied clients' network is growing, and many of our former customers are still with us. They have shown trust and interest in our business which has become the core strength of our company.

Variety of Blockboard

GM Oriental is proven to be the best choice for a Blockboard supplier in Malaysia. We offer different kinds of Blockboard and other wood products. Our valued customers can enjoy block boards in their desired shape, length, width and thickness. We are happy to customize and tailor our materials to fit your needs.

Materials are of High-Quality Block Board

Each block board of GM oriental has adequately been checked for quality through various evaluations and tests. We intend to sell the best Blockboard in Malaysia that can withstand moisture and other wooden related issues. We always ensure our materials are at the right condition and temperature to maintain its quality.

Reputable Block board Supplier in Malaysia

If Blockboards for furniture building and house making are what you need, then GM Oriental will happily come to your rescue! We produce top-of-the-line Blockboards that are high-quality and durable which can undoubtedly last you a long time.

We have supplied more than thousands of Malaysians with block board for personal and commercial uses and have been doing so for several years now.

It prides us to say that we are considered to be among the best Blockboard supplier in Malaysia, and it is our top priority to maintain our respected reputation  

With our expertise and experience in the field of the wood industry; you are certainly in the right hands!

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GM is The Leading Block Board Supplier Malaysia

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How To Buy Plywood From GM Oriental

Step 1: Contact

To know more about the specific type of block boards or other products we are selling, please contact us. Give us a call +6016 – 7165333or email us at, and we'll happily assist you!

Step 2: Select

Here at GM Oriental, we offer different kinds and styles of Blockboard that we can thoroughly customize in order to fit your needs. We will show you various selections you can choose from until you arrive at a decision.

Step 2: Get a Quote

Once we discuss your final block board order, we will provide you with a quote that shows the proper breakdown of your order. All that's left to do is proceed with the transaction and wait for your delivery!

The 3 Main Benefits of Using Block Board

Blockboard is Strong and Durable

One thing that makes block boards great is that they have more strength and durability than particle boards and MDF. They can withstand even temperatures with high humidity.

They’re also light-weighted so carrying them wouldn’t be a problem.

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Block board is Cheaper

Despite their excellent properties, Blockboards are relatively cheaper compared to plywood.

Thus, many people use this alternative to lower the cost of the interior if needed.

Block board Can Be Used For Various Purposes

Block boards have excellent dimensional stability even if exposed to humidity.

Thus they resist cracking and wrapping, making them the best choice for any type of purpose.

Whether it’s furniture making or home building, block boards are the wisest choice!

Price Of Plywood in Malaysia

The price of block board in Malaysia will depend on different factors. This includes size, length, dimension or shape.

However, you may contact GM oriental to have an accurate quote!

Block Board Uses

FAQ About Buying Block Boards in Malaysia

1. What are Blockboards Used For? 

Blockboard has many uses, but they are commonly used to create different furniture types such as tables, shelves and desks. Other than this, they are also used to make windows and door shutters.

2. Is Blockboard Water Proof?

There are different kinds of grade Blockboard and among those are BWR (Boiling Water Resistant) So if you happen to have a BWR Grade block board then yes, it is waterproof.

3. Is Blockboard Cheap?

Despite their strength and durability, block boards are cheap compared to other types of board. If you’re interested, you may contact GM Oriental for affordable yet high-quality block boards!

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