Common Practical Uses of Plywood in Kuala Lumpur

Common Practical Uses of Plywood in Kuala Lumpur

As we all know, plywood comes in a range of different shapes and sizes, and it is a material that is quite popular in Kuala Lumpur. For the most part, you will find plywood in three main areas of the country: construction, furniture, and appliances. Because of the many benefits the wood offers, such as its durability, quality, and cost-effective aspect, many people have favored it for a lot of purposes. 

If you happen to have some plywood laying around your garage, you probably have wondered what other projects you can work on to make use of them. Rather than just waiting for the dust to accumulate in your material, it’s good to know their different usage. Want to learn some life-hacks? Then check out the common practical uses of plywood below! 

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Plywood For Furniture Making

plywood for furniture making

One of the most common uses of plywood is to make different types of furniture. This is because plywood is strong, lightweight, and easy to work with. The parts in which it is made from are uniform, which guarantees that you get the same strength and quality across the plywood without having to worry about your furniture’s one side snapping under pressure, while the other side is left to hold the weight.

Many types of furniture that make use of plywood are mainly cabinets, closets, desks, bedside tables, drawers, and a lot more. Since they’re not a hassle to handle, you can simply cut them in your favor and create the furniture you want to! 

Plywood For Roofing and Flooring 

For Roofing and Flooring

Plywood is a product that is used for a variety of reasons. It is very affordable, and it is usually easy to find at any hardware store or home improvement store, which is why it’s the ideal material to use for your flooring and roofing projects. Other than being cost-effective, it’s versatile and surprisingly strong. Among the most common types of plywood that’s best for this purpose is oriented strand board (OSB) plywood. 

Plywood panels on floors may have tongue-and-groove corners that fit together to enable them to hold the required load without changing or shifting, whereas plywood on roofs can serve as a very sturdy and appropriate skin before laying tiles, steel, or a membrane.

Build a Plywood Fence

Plywood Fence

Plywood is a wood that many homeowners use for building their house’s fences, and it is one of the more cost-efficient materials for this purpose. A typical fence made of plywood can be pretty sturdy, and it is easy to repair. If you happen to have some issues with pests or animals making their way through your yard and leaving a huge ball of mess, then it’s good to consider building a fence made of plywood, especially when you’ve got one that’s just lying around. 

Not only is doing so effective in keeping intruders out, but you’re getting quality value for your cost! 

Plywood For Interior and Exterior Walls 

One material that’s popularly used for interior and exterior wall sheeting is plywood. 

  • Exterior Walls 

For your outer walls, the Plywood panels are utilized to fasten each stud together. This then will add strength that prevents horizontal or vertical shifting, keeping the structure perfectly intact. Due to its flexible properties, this technique implements a wall that operates well under high-pressure winds and even during earthquakes!

  • Interior Walls

For framing internal walls or wood paneling, many types of plywood are best suited. In most instances, The plywood would not be noticeable for the finishing touch. Still, some highly finished top-of-the-line plywood are excellent for facing inwards and can even be decorated or painted to create an amazing wood grain natural finish.


Plywood is indeed a material that’s heaven-sent since it can help anyone accomplish mostly anything! Whether you’re using it to build a structure, create a piece of furniture or even establish a defense-counter for your property in Kuala Lumpur, this type of wood is guaranteed to be your best choice. 

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