Different Types of Chipboard

Different Types of Chipboard

Anyone who runs a business that uses different kinds of wooden products knows that the colors, types, and weights of wood are vast, and you have an endless option to choose from. There really is wood for just about everything. Among the wooden materials that are widely misunderstood are chipboard. Many people may think that this wood product isn’t efficient, but its performance is pretty impressive. Chipboard in Malaysia is quite common since many home and business owners purchase it because it’s easy to use, it’s cost-efficient, and pretty durable.

If reading the information above has sparked your interest in this product, you need to know first the different chipboard available in the market to know which one would be ideal for your purpose. Luckily, we have taken the time to list down the different types of chipboard, so read on!

The Plain Chipboard

Regular chipboard is created by pressing and heating adhesive and wood chips together until they form a rigid board. It’s not only inexpensive, but it’s also readily accessible, making it a good choice for most internal woodwork projects. This type of chipboard can be pretty versatile as it comes in three different ranges, mainly:

  • Normal: The normal model is inexpensive and straightforward to operate with, but it is thin and fragile, with the possibility of chips peeling away from the surface; it is frequently used as the back panel on drawers and cabinets of drawers. It can be coated with oil-based paint if possible, as water-based paint would soak into it.
  • High-density: The high-density variant is thicker and more robust than the normal model, making it suitable for use in worktop construction. Having it wet, on the other hand, can cause irreversible harm.

Chipboard Flooring Grade

On the marketplace, there is a chipboard that is deliberately customized for use on flooring. It’s pretty simple to install in compliance with the floor joists.

A leakage of water will lead to this form of flooring soaking up the moisture, which will then lead to your floors needing to be scrapped and replaced even if water has not been in direct contact with it. However, this problem can effectively be avoided with the use of a moisture-resistant cover that will remain strong and reduce the chances of wet rot.

Melamine Veneered Chipboard

Melamine Veneered Chipboard

If you plan to construct a bedside table or perhaps a worktop, you’ll find melamine veneered chipboard to be a great product to use since the coating this material possesses enables it to be easily cleaned.

However, if the veneer pulls away from the surface, it is critical to repair it right away, as revealing the board to harsh elements will cause harm and damage to it. The melamine veneer is also available in a variety of shades, making it easier to find one that matches your room’s decor.

Wood Veneered Chipboard

Wood Veneered Chipboard

If you want the appearance of wood without the cost of purchasing solid wood, wood veneered chipboard is a pretty good option. However, utilizing it can be tricky since it leaves a messy edge. However, it can be secured with masking tape before cutting to avoid the wood veneer chipping.

This is quite ideal for people who want to achieve a place that is sophisticated and elegant to look at.


To sum everything up, you can purchase a Chipboard for whatever purpose you may need it for since there’s a wide range of options you can choose from. To get better results, it’s best to seek the help of a professional so you can find one that will perfectly suit you.

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