What Is Chipboard Used For?

What Is Chipboard Used For?

Anyone who owns a house that uses various types of wooden materials knows that the variety of wood is vast, and depending on the usage you intend it for, there is no end to the options. Almost anything in the house can be made out of wood, but the catch to this is, choosing a type of wood that will be ideal for you. If you’re looking for a wood that can be utilized for a variety of purposes particularly furniture making, we highly suggest giving chipboard a try.

Chipboard or also known as Particle Board is made by combining small wood pieces with epoxy resin and pressing them together under high heat and force to form a rigid board with a flat surface.

Many homeowners wonder what chipboard can be used for since several people claim it’s a cost-effective wood material. Fortunately, we have taken the time to list down the top uses of chipboard, so you can determine if this is the wood material that you’re looking for! 

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Chipboard Can Be Used For Cabinetry Making 

Cabinets are an essential part of our homes. This is where we can store food, cleaning products, cooking utensils, and any item that may come to mind. Considering this, you need a robust material that can help you build a cabinet that is strong and durable. If you’re planning to build a cabinet from scrap, you can make use of a chipboard! Because of their robust properties that don’t easily get affected by temperature and other possible threats, they’re promising wooden materials for your cabinets. 

Furthermore, Lightweight furniture such as stools, tables, benches, and even bookcases can also be made from high-grade chipboard. This type of chipboard is used to make furniture that is less expensive than solid wood because it is covered in a veneer or laminate, making it stronger than normal chipboard. 

Packaging Can Be Achieved With Chipboard 

Have you ever had an item shipped overseas and got really frustrated because the thing you bought got broken due to the packaging that wasn’t strong enough to protect it? If yes, then you don’t have to worry about chipboard because they’re the best wooden material that can ensure your packages aren’t harmed or affected by any sort. 

Chipboard packing containers and cartons are made of durable lightweight chipboard that helps to hold products in place and secure them during shipping. The product is highly utilized, especially in the food service industry. Chipboard is known to come in handy for its lightweight packaging solutions for food like cereal, canned goods, spices, and many more.

Chipboard Can Be Used For Counter Tops and Flooring

If you want a cost-effective option to use for your home’s flooring, you can give chipboard a try. Although these materials are durable, they are surprisingly affordable compared to other wooden products, making them a good alternative for homeowners who are on a tight budget.

However take note that when laying the chipboard as your flooring, make sure there is at least a 10 mm space around the area of the flooring. This gap will allow expansion, stopping buckling from occurring, which might result in an uneven floor surface.

Other than flooring, chipboard can be used for countertops too. Chipboard is a great choice for countertops because it is created by gluing small blocks of wood together instead of using paper. Paperboard can be a more affordable alternative to wood or cement, particularly for kitchen countertops.


Chipboard can be used in several ways but these are among the top ones. If you want a cost-effective yet durable wood material that will last you for a long time, you can go for chipboard since this product will surely never fail you! 

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