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We at GM Oriental can offer you different kinds of Chipboard. It prides us to say we are among the top Chipboard suppliers in Malaysia. Furthermore, our wide variety of Chipboards is attainable to different industries including; construction, interior design, and furniture. Our Chipboard can be purchased in various sizes and costings to be ideal for other applications. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

Years of Expertise in the Field

We have been working in thec for over many years, and our expertise and experience on wood-work has made us the most outstanding Chipboard supplier in Malaysia. Furthermore, we can also provide you with other kinds of eco-friendly wood materials that will undoubtedly help make excellent quality homes and furniture, which can last you up to decades.

We Value Our Customers

We at GM oriental believe in establishing an excellent business relationship which has prompted us to produce durable products. Each passing year, our network of satisfied clients is growing.

Many of our former customers are still with us. They have shown trust and interest in our business which has become the strength of our company.

Variety of Chipboard

You'll never go wrong in choosing GM Oriental, the best Chipboard supplier in Malaysia! We can give you different kinds of Chipboard and other wood products.

In addition, we happily serve out various types of Chipboards such as plastic veneered, Melamine veneered and many more. We are even willing to customize and tailor our materials to fit your commercial and personal needs.

High-Quality Chipboard

Each Chipboard created by GM oriental has adequately been checked through various tests and evaluations to ensure quality. We aim to supply the best Chipboard in Malaysia that can withstand moisture and other wooden related problems. Furthermore, we always provide all of our materials are at the right condition and temperature to maintain the Chipboard's quality.

#1 Chipboard Supplier in Malaysia

Finding an reputable Chipboard supplier in Malaysia that offers quality products at a competitive price can be challenging. Still, it doesn’t have to be that hard!

With the help of GM Oriental, we provide you with the best Chipboards that you can use to build astonishing furniture and durable housework. Due to our top of the line materials and excellent customer service, it prides us to say we are considered the best Chipboard supplier in Malaysia.

With 28 Years in this industry, we have the experience needed to deliver quality chipboard. Whether it’s for personal use or even commercial, GM oriental has fully got you covered.

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How To Buy Chipboard From GM Oriental

Step 1: Contact

To know more about the specific type of Chipboards or other products we are offering, you may contact us for faster transactions.

Give us a call +6016–7165333 or email us at, and we'll happily assist you!

Step 2: Choose from a variety of Chipboard

We at GM Oriental offer the best kinds and styles of Chipboard, and you can choose to customize it in order to fit your needs.

We will show you a wide variety of selections you can pick from until you arrive at a decision.

Step 2: Get a Quote

Once we discuss your final Chipboard order, we will give you a quote that displays your order's proper breakdown.

All that's left for you to do is to proceed with the transaction and wait for your delivery to arrive!

GM Oriental is The Leading Chipboard Supplier Malaysia

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The 3 Main Benefits of Using Plywood

Usage is Easy

Because Chipboard is thinner than other wood materials, it is easier to fold and cut to your desired dimensions. It also makes box building easy since the Chipboard can be formed or shaped. This makes it a popular choice for home art projects or craft works.

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Chipboard is Strong and Durable

The Chipboard nature gives off an excellent strength that helps the material be less susceptible to any form of damage.

This makes it a wise choice to use in small furniture buildings and other purposes that need robust and durable materials.

Chipboard is Lightweight

Thanks to an easy manufacturing process, Chipboards are approximately 20% cheaper than other wood products. 

Other than this saving in costs, the light-weight of Chipboard also implies that it is cheaper to move since it takes up less space than corrugated products

Price Of Chipboard in Malaysia

The price of chipboard in Malaysia still depends on a lot of factors such as the size and dimensions.

To know more, you may contact us, and we’ll give you a proper breakdown! 


Chipboard Uses

FAQ About Buying Chipboard in Malaysia

1. Which is Stronger, Chipboard or Plywood?

Since plywood has a cross-grain pattern from which it gets most of its strength, the plywood is stronger and more durable than Chipboard.

2. Is MDF the same as Chipboard?

Both materials aren’t the same. MDF is composed of tiny wood fibers like flour, while as Chipboard is created from coarser, larger fibers.

3. What Is Chipboard Commonly Used For?

It is used to create furniture such as carcasses, other cabinet applications, specific floor decking, for shelving and other general building work.

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