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Our high-quality plywood sheets, lined materials, quick production, and fast delivery plans are all set to provide exceptional service and product quality to all of our clients.

If you aim to work with the best plywood supplier in town, then you’ve come to the right place. Contact us today and see for yourself.

Affordable Price

Not everyone has the luxury to spend thousands of Riggits on a material intended for building, but we understand the need for quality products such as plywood. Because of our understanding of your needs, we ensured to create the best state-of-the-art plywood that can help you with your ongoing projects without having to think about the costs. Affordable yet excellent is what truly describes us best!

Drive of passion

We have always aimed to establish an excellent business relationship with all of our clients. It is our priority to ensure that everyone is satisfied with the plwood they receive, and if any concern may arise, we guarantee to be there to fix it. This passion has motivated us to manufacture durable and high-quality plywood. Each year that passes by, our number of satisfied customers is constantly growing, and a lot of our former customers are still with us to this very day.


GM Oriental has proven to be the best choice for a plywood supplier in all of Malaysia. We offer our customers with different styles and models of Plywood along with other wood-related products. Whatever the plan of usage you have in mind, you can find the specific board you’re looking for if you’re with us. We happily serve our clients with varying Plywood depending on the size, thickness, ply, dimension, and style. GM Oriental is also willing to customize our materials to fit your personal and

high-quality materials

There's no need to deal with mediocre wood materials because GM Oriental ensures you plywood that's cutting-edge for all your constructing needs. Each plywood has been thoroughly examined for quality by undergoing various tests. It is our goal to be able to sell the best plywood in Malaysia that can withstand moisture, harsh weather conditions, and other wood-issues that may arise. We can guarantee that all of our plywood is at the right temperature to maintain its durability and quality.

#1 Plywood Supplier Johor Bahru

Our production facility and customer support center work closely together to ensure that high-quality plywood is produced on time and to the requirements indicated. In addition to being one of Johor Bahru’s leading plywood suppliers, GM Oriental are constantly creating and developing new and unique styles to our plywood in Malaysia lines, giving our customers more options than ever before.

Homeowners and business owners in JB are our main clients, and they typically have precise and particular needs, as well as continuous requests. We are confident that we will be able to meet your requirements, whether it is for the creation of furniture or the construction of infrastructure.

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How To Buy Plywood in Johor Bahru From GM Oriental

Step 1: Contact

If you plan to buy plywood in Johor Bahru, then your first step is to reach out to us. Our process doesn't require a daunting waiting time because, with just a simple call, you're sure to get the material you need. Contact us at +60167165333 or email us at, and let us happily assist you!

Step 2: Select

If you contact one of our representatives, they will provide you with a list of all of the plywood models we have available. You won't have to look far at GM Oriental to find everything you require! Our entire staff is accommodating, ensuring that you receive the highest quality product and customer service possible.

Step 2: Get a Quote

Once you've made your decision, our staff at GM Oriental will provide you with a quote documenting the details of your transaction. But don't be concerned! We make certain that all of our customers are happy with the price we've set.

The 3 Main Benefits of Using Plywood

Plywood is Durable and Strong 

Many people don’t realize it, but plywood is extremely durable, even more so than solid wood! Solid wood has a lot of issues because of the properties it has, but that isn’t the case with plywood. Plywood has overcome all of the problems associated with solid wood, making it one of the best materials available.

Plywood’s overall strength comes from its overall structure, which is made up of glued-together fiber sheets that form a whole. As a result, it becomes more durable and strong.

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Plywood is Versatile 

Whether you’re making cabinets, tables, closets, drawers, and other furniture, or building sheds, fences, walls, flooring, and roofing, plywood is a versatile material that can meet all of your needs.

Because of its durability, versatility, and affordability, it is one of the most widely used products in all aspects of construction.

Plywood is Easy to Carry

Perhaps you have more than one project on the line, and you need to travel from one place to another constantly; you might think that it can be a challenging task to carry plywood all over the place. However, that isn’t the case! Even if this material is surprisingly sturdy, it’s actually light in weight, making it ideal for any form of transportation. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on manpower or moving transport because you can carry the product yourself. 

Price Of Plywood in Johor Bahru

Whether you’re using the plywood for personal or commercial purposes, the price of the Plywood in Johor Bahru will vary depending on several factors. These can include the size, thickness, style, and ply. Fortunately, GM Oriental guarantees quality plywood, all at an affordable rate. 

But if you want to get a better and precise answer, give us a call, and we’ll give you a free consultation and quotation!


FAQ About Buying Plywood in JB

1. Is Plywood Stronger Than Wood?

Although plywood has the surrounding benefits of being affordable and light-weighted, you’d be in shock to know that this material is actually stronger than solid wood. Since plywood has core stability in its overall structure, its strength can be consistently present. On the other hand, solid wood isn’t that stable since some parts can be robust while others aren’t.

2. How Do I Choose the Right Plywood?

You can choose the right plywood based on the purpose of the material. For instance, if you intend to build a table, you need plywood that is great in thickness. But there are other factors you need to take into consideration, such as the size, style, ply, and dimension. 

3. Is Plywood Stronger than MDF?

Yes! Although MDF is popularly known to be durable, Plywood is much stronger than the said material. Plywood contains fiber properties that are in the right placement, making it overall stable.

4. How Long Would Plywood Last?

Your plywood can last up to 50 years with the right sealants and high-quality veneers, especially if it’s kept dry, as moisture is wood’s worst enemy. However, if you don’t add some necessary solutions, your plywood will only last 20-30 years.

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